Killam Program

Building Canada's Future through Research

For over 50 years, the Canada Council for the Arts has administered and promoted this program, which consists of two components: the Killam Prizes and the Killam Research Fellowships. As of the 2023 competition, the Killam Program is administered by the National Research Council of Canada.

Killam Prizes
The Canada Council Killam Prizes recognize and celebrate our most inspiring scholars and thought leaders

Five prizes of $100,000

One in each in the fields of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences and engineering

The Killam Prize introduced my work related to Indigenous legal traditions to a wider audience. Indigenous peoples’ own laws have implications for contemporary communities and Canada more generally. Receiving a Killam widened the circle of interest in my research.

John Borrows
(2017 Killam Prize Winner, Social Sciences)

Photo : David Ball

John Borrows

Killam Research Fellowships
The Canada Council Killam Research Fellowships support outstanding scholars to carry out their groundbreaking projects.

Valued at $70,000 per year

The Killam Fellowship gave me the unique opportunity to focus on a type of research that required deep commitment and devotion, which would have been impossible with the multi-tasking of a regular academic life. I am grateful to the Canada Council for supporting, through me, research with Indigenous language partners.

Marie-Odile Junker
(2010 Killam Research Fellowship)

Photo : Carleton University

Marie-Odile Junker