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2018 University Visits

Staff from the Killam Program at the Canada Council for the Arts welcomes the opportunity to speak with professors, deans and university research administrators in Canadian universities to promote the national Killam Program at the Canada Council for the Arts. The program includes the Killam Research Fellowships and the Killam Prizes. In preparation for the 2019 competition, visits to the following locations will take place:




23 March, 2018

Memorial University

St. John’s (via Webex)

26 March, 2018

University of Victoria


27 March, 2018

University of British Columbia


28 March, 2018

Simon Fraser University


9 April, 2018

McGill University

Montreal (via Webex)

10 April, 2018

University of Toronto

Toronto (via Webex)

10 April, 2018

Brock University

St. Catharines, (via Webex)

20 April, 2018

University of Ottawa


*For detailed information on the venue and time, please contact the Research Office of the University concerned

Check back for future dates or contact your V.P. of Research for more information.


The Canada Council for the Arts commissioned world-renowned illustrator Raymond Biesinger to create original posters that capture the spirit of creativity, discovery and innovation recognized by the Killam Program. He responded with beautiful, full-colour illustrations inspired by the fields of study – we hope, in turn, that you’ll be inspired by these posters.

We encourage you to download the versions below (free of charge) and share them widely.
High quality silkscreened or printed versions are available for purchase from the artist.

About illustrator Raymond Biesinger

Raymond Biesinger

Raymond Biesinger is an illustrator and artist based in Montréal, who has also spent a long time in Western Canada. He likes concepts, making music, politics, and a mix of minimalism and maximalism. He deploys physical things, electronic means, complex geometry and a BA in European and North American political history to make his images, and has been lucky to do so since the year 2000 in over 1000 projects on five continents.